The era of shopping on TikTok begins again!


The TikTok store function is expanding. The TikTok shopping experience, which was tested in the UK, is now available in more countries.

TikTok, a popular short video platform, has recently begun to attract a lot of attention to the world of e-commerce. After the online shopping experience, which was first tried in the UK, failed, attention was turned to the US and Canadian markets. TikTok will outsource the online shopping function in North America.

TikTok Store: TikTok’s Real-time shopping feature is Expanding

A feature called TikTok Shop was launched in the UK some time ago. This service, which provides opportunities for influencers and brands who want to sell their products on the platform, now extends to more regions. Aiming to become a partner of TalkShopLive, TikTok will test real-time purchases in the USA and Canada.

The TikTok store allows users to purchase products via links in the app during live broadcasts. It was available in the UK for the first time after Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The agreement between TikTok and TalkShopLive has not yet been confirmed, but we can say that the two companies are quite compatible. TalkShopLive from Los Angeles offers the opportunity to make purchases in real time for various brands.

A source told the Financial Times: “TikTok is working on a ready-made solution for the US and Canada. He is specifically looking for a company that can help manage the shopping process in real time.” He also said that cooperation with major brands may be announced before the next summer season.

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is very successful in online shopping. In just 12 months, almost 9 million live broadcasts were conducted and more than 10 billion products were sold. However, this cannot be said about the TikTok store in the UK.

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