The Equalizer: trailer of the CBS series with Queen Latifah


CBS released an electrifying trailer for The Equalizer series. Starring Queen Latifah, the premiere is scheduled for February 7, shortly after the broadcast of the Super Bowl LV. The production adapts the franchise known in Brazil as O Protetor to the current reality.

In the plot, we meet Robyn McCall (Latifah), an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her diverse and incredible skills to give real support to those who have completely lost all hopes with the most varied subjects.

The cast also features Chris Noth, Lorraine Toussaint, Tory Kittles, Adam Goldberg, Liza Lapira and Laya DeLeon Hayes.

Check out the full trailer:

The Equalizer: Queen Latifah stars in new CBS series based on The Protector

This will be Latifah’s first regular role in a serial production since the cancellation of Star on Fox, which was halted in 2019 after three seasons. The actress also made a very special appearance in Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood miniseries in 2020 on Netflix.

Despite being a story already known to the public, the series promises to excite all viewers with the dilemmas that will be presented in the episodes. From the trailer images, it is possible to deduce that Robyn McCall’s daughter will have an important highlight for the narrative.

Certainly, due to the launch date and strategic positioning of the launch, CBS has high expectations regarding production, betting heavily on its trajectory. The Equalizer has a good chance of being welcomed by the majority of the audience that will be watching the Super Bowl, as it is an action series.

Let’s wait for news. The new CBS series with Queen Latifah will have its first episode aired on February 7.


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