The episode with the most votes by fans was not exactly the last


Without any discussion, the success of Breaking Bad as one of the most iconic series of its genre began from the moment it debuted in 2008 on the AMC network, until it culminated five seasons later in 2013. However, it was His latest installment is the one that has caused the most stir and praiseworthy comments regardless of the passage of time.

With 16 episodes divided into 2 parts of 8 chapters each, broadcast almost a year apart, it was the last batch that aroused great interest due to the shocking dramatic twists that brought about the closing of the narrative arcs of its main characters. Of these, the most voted by critics and fans was number 14 entitled Ozymandias.

Ozymandias acted out the final scene that would see off star Dean Norris with his character Hank Schraeder. Dea’s agent would say goodbye to the narrative in the most devastating way imaginable, having been involved in a shooting that left his partner dead and his brother-in-law, meth king Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, begging for her life.

According to Breaking Bad fans and IMDb ratings, it was Hank’s death that shocked his audience the most, from his enigmatic title to his jaw-dropping sequence in which Norris’s character is mercilessly executed by Uncle Jack and his friends. men, who later steal most of Walt’s fortune by cooking meth.

For the fans he was admirable as the DEA agent after the relentless search for him to discover the corruption of Walter, he bravely faced until the last breath the consequences of the shooting with the neo-Nazi group. The sequence not only brought Hank’s true worth to the surface, even when Walter begged to save his brother-in-law, he didn’t, never bowed before taking a deadly bullet.

It is this dramatic moment that for many actually marks the true beginning of the end for Walter, a death of a being as close and dear as Hank (despite the fact that in the last episodes they faced each other as enemies), the inevitable consequence of the Separation from her family by not being able to protect her from her crimes, gave meaning to the name of the episode, after so much fighting she only has a barrel full of money covered in dust.

The episode has deep metaphorical significance with a clear reference to Percy Bysshe Shelley’s 1818 poem of the same name, which was also read in its entirety by Walt in voiceover for a promotion of the final episodes of Breaking Bad. It centers on a traveler who comes across a fragment of a statue created to honor the mighty Egyptian King Ramses II, but which is now just a lonely relic. He speaks of the fragility of life and the inability of the ruler to preserve himself from being inevitably erased by time.

The first broadcast of Ozymandia achieved a record of 6.37 million viewers, surpassing by almost one million the previous episode. The installment awarded producer Moira Walley-Beckett the Primetime Emmy for best screenplay for her specific work on this chapter. Both actor Bryan Cranston and actress Anna Gunn who played Walter’s wife Skyler sent him for consideration after being nominated for best actor and best supporting actress respectively, of which they were victorious in both categories.