The episode of the evil drama you will never see


Weeks go by and tension builds between fans, who are more than eager to see the new episodes of Lucifer season 5 on Netflix. With a very well achieved first part and with new enemies lurking, this installment of Lucifer has given much to talk about in the media and on the networks.

A final confession made by the showrunner of the series, Joe Henderson, could add fuel to the fire and stoke the desire of fans to see the new episodes of Lucifer.

And it is that Henderson has just affirmed, in an interview offered to the CBR medium, that there is a story about Lucifer developed by the scriptwriters that will never reach the screens.

It is a facet of Lucifer as a politician that the creators of the series wanted to explore and that would have generated quite a lot of controversy had it been filmed in 2016.

According to Henderson, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was supposed to run for public office in Los Angeles. However, a plot where the devil was doing politics at such a delicate time for the United States, was not going to generate any impact on the viewer.

As Henderson explains it, what was happening in reality was much worse than what the writers intended to translate into the script, so they decided to leave the idea in their imagination.


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