The Enigma of Another World: Blumhouse will be launched


Blumhouse Productions is working on a reboot of The Enigma from Another World. The project is in the initial stage of development, and so far, the producer has not revealed any more details disclosed as cast, direction or when it intends to start recording.

The Enigma of Another World reboot will have the involvement of the director of the original version, John Carpenter. During a panel for the Fantasia International Film Festival, the filmmaker was asked if there was any conversation with Blumhouse boss Jason Blum so that he could direct something.

“We talked about – I think he’s working on the reboot of The Enigma from Another World. I’m involved with that, maybe. Going forward, ”replied Carpenter.

Currently the director is finalizing his work on the soundtrack for Halloween Kills: The Terror Continues, sequel to the 2018 film – and which is also a reboot of a franchise started by him. The film was scheduled to premiere in October 2020, but has been postponed to 2021 due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Classic horror and science fiction

The Enigma of Another World is the second movie adaptation of the book Who Goes There ?, written by John W. Campbell Jr in 1938. The plot follows an Antarctic research team, which after investigating a strange accident, is threatened by an alien creature that takes the form of its victims. The film soon became an important classic for both science fiction and horror.

The other adaptation was released in 1951, under the title The Arctic Monster. In 2011, A Coisa was released, a prequel that had Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton in the cast, but which did not have the participation of John Carpenter.


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