The engine that made Schumacher the Drivers’ Champion sold


The F2003-GA engine, which was used by one of the legendary Formula 1 pilots, Michael Schumacher, was sold.

Ferrari’s engine, once used by the famous Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, was sold at auction. The engine with the code F2003-GA, sold on the auction platform Collecting Cars, found a buyer for a record price.

Michael Schumacher, who left his mark on an era and has millions of fans, is known as one of the legendary racing drivers in Formula 1 history. Introduced in mid-2003, the F2003-GA is among the best Formula 1 engines of the time. The F2003-GA engine, which helped Michael Schumacher win the 6th time Drivers’ Champion, will be handed over to its new owner.

F2003-GA engine, one of Formula 1 legends, sold

The F2003-GA was introduced with the engine name Tipo 052, the second generation produced between 2001 and 2005. The engine, which could produce 845 horsepower and reach 18,300 rpm, was one of the best of its time. The design of the 3.0 Liter V10 engine was developed by Paolo Martinelli. The engine, which has dimensions of 4,545 mm x 1,796 mm x 959 mm, has a weight of 600 kg.

The engine that made Michael Schumacher a sixth-time Drivers’ Champion: F2003-GA (Tipo 052)

The F2003-GA engine block, which retails for 36,000 euros (approximately $41,000), uses aluminum and magnesium to keep its weight low. Only the block, crankcase and cylinder heads of the engine were sold. The engine, which does not have any internal parts, has original bearings and numbered spark plugs.

The engine, which includes carbon fiber air clamps and exhaust manifolds, has cosmetic defects caused by use. It is noteworthy that the engine offered for sale is quite healthy despite the year it was produced.

F2003-GA, with the engine name Tipo 052, allowed Michael Schumacher to make the highest score in the Formula 1 races held in 2003, although it did not win the championship title. The fierce battle between Ferrari, Williams and McLaren teams remained unclear until the final race.

Germany’s Juan Manuel Fangio broke his 46-year record in the final race in Suzuka, Japan, and won his sixth world title. Michael Schumacher, on the other hand, achieved the highest score and became the Drivers’ Champion for the 6th time.