The End of the Coronavirus Outbreak Announced


The number one name of the World Health Organization in Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge explained when the coronavirus epidemic could end. According to the statements made by Kluge, the beginning of 2022 will be a period when people return to their normal lives.

There was a remarkable development regarding the coronavirus epidemic that entered our lives at the end of 2019 and did not go out. The World Health Organization (WHO), which has been the focus of discussions with its statements to date, announced the date when the epidemic could end. Making a clear statement about the end of the epidemic, the institution stated that the epidemic will end in early 2022.

Statements on the subject, WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Made by Hans Kluge. Speaking to Denmark’s state broadcaster DR, Kluge said that 2021 will pass in the shadow of COVID-19, but the information obtained so far will facilitate the management of the epidemic. According to Kluge, the worst scenario is now left behind.

There will be no need for restrictions

Kluge says that his statement does not mean that the virus will completely disappear from our lives. Stating that the virus can remain around the world and infect people, the WHO Regional Director for Europe states that there will be no need for restrictions and that people will live a normal life. Despite everything, Kluge reminds us that it should not be forgotten that the process is full of unknowns.

WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Another issue that Hans Kluge touched upon was related to mutations. Stating that this is a normal process, the scientist states that this situation worries them, but this problem can be prevented by modernizing the vaccines. Emphasizing that speed is the most important thing these days, Kluge says that thanks to rapid vaccinations and sudden reactions, lives can be saved, economies will be protected and ultimately mutations will slow down.


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