The End of Halloween: Who is Corey Cunningham (who plays him)


While “Halloween Ends” once again pits Michael Myers against Laurie Strode, a new character named Corey Cunningham also comes into play. After the divisive “Halloween Murders” of 2021, Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green hope to end at least this phase of the “Halloween” franchise on a high note. Few people actually believe that this will be the last full-length Halloween movie, but it is likely that “The End of Halloween” will be the last time Jamie Lee Curtis will play his signature character Laurie Strode.

In the “Halloween Ends” trailer, the sequel looks like it’s focused on the final battle between Michael and Laurie, but the official synopsis refutes this impression by mentioning that the plot is spurred on by a young man named Corey Cunningham. Cory is accused of murdering the boy he was looking after, which leads to further violence and chaos. It’s unclear if Corey is present in the “Halloween Ends” trailer, as many of the people shown are visible in split-second shots that are poorly lit.

Many reports say that Corey is the new boyfriend of Laurie Ellison’s granddaughter, but it seems that this has not been officially confirmed by anyone involved in the film. However, judging by the synopsis, it seems possible that Cory may be a Michael Myers impersonator, which could lead to the real Michael returning from where he has been since the “Halloween Murders” ended. Interestingly, if Bloomhouse and Green go down this path, it will be like a plot point from an early Halloween H20 scenario in which a Myers impersonator ends up drawing a scarecrow himself. It is noteworthy, however, that Michael has never killed children regularly, although the Halloween 3 villain does not hesitate to kill children.

Who plays Corey Cunningham in the movie “Halloween Ends”

Rohan Campbell got the role of Corey Cunningham in the movie “Halloween Ends” — a 24-year-old Canadian actor who currently plays Frank Hardy’s older brother in the Hulu TV show Hardy Boys. “Halloween Is Ending” is by far Campbell’s biggest concert to date, although he has appeared in many TV shows once, including “Supernatural,” “iZombie,” “The Hundred” and “Through the Snow.” Actress Allison Strode Andy Maticak is 28 years old, so in this regard, Corey seems like a logical candidate for the role of her new soulmate.

If Corey ends up in the spotlight of “Halloween is Ending,” Blumhouse and David Gordon Green should prepare for a major backlash, as a Halloween movie without most of the inexplicably still-alive Michael Myers risks alienating fans of the iconic slasher. On the other hand, from a purely narrative point of view, this plot twist can at least offer something different from “Halloween 2018” and “Halloween Murders”. However, it remains to be seen whether something else will be what the audience wants.