The Elysium Clan claims the World’s First Destiny 2 Crown for King’s Fall Raid


Last week, Bungie’s long-running multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 entered its 18th season of content. Along with the newest season, the familiar King’s Fall raid returned to Destiny 2 at the end of the week, redesigned and redesigned to match the current game. As with any new raid activity, teams from all over the world competed to be the first to complete the raid, and the Elysium clan stood tall and claimed the honor mentioned.

Fans of the famous “World’s First” title competition are probably familiar with the Elysium Clan and the team’s previous exploits. The Elysium Clan first won this title last year when they conquered the Atheon in the Glass Vault, and then repeated the feat by fulfilling the Apprentice Vow back in May. Their latest victory at King’s Fall marks the team’s third consecutive world title.

Despite the defeat of Taken King, Bungie still had to confirm that the raid was completed legally, which is a standard process. The official confirmation came from Destiny’s Twitter account, where the now three-time World’s First champions were congratulated after they passed the raid. For their victory, the Elysium clan received the triumph “Regicide” and another belt “The First in the world”.

The completion of the raid by the Elysium clan benefited not only themselves, but also the general base of players. Completing the raid unlocked the remaining fragments for the newly updated Arc 3.0 subclass, which can be purchased from Ikora Rey in the Tower. Although it is no longer possible to claim the “World’s First” title, players who completed the raid before September 6 can purchase the King’s Fall Raid Ring through Bungie Rewards, and players who completed the raid during the “Plunder” season will have access to various works of art and collectible badges. after filling in the seal of the Regicide and receiving the title of Regicide.

Completing a Destiny raid on the first day is not an easy task, especially against all the extremely talented players and groups that are currently present in the game. To see the Elysium clan perform this feat not only once, but three times in a row, it is quite possible that Destiny players will not see such a feat again.

Destiny 2 is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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