The Elven Ring trick helps Players get to the base of Erdtree in Caelid faster


Elden Ring is the first FromSoftware game with a completely open world in its current signature style of complex role—playing games in the genre of dark fantasy. To accommodate Elden Ring’s greater emphasis on research and discovery, some changes were made to the control scheme that would otherwise have seemed familiar to many returning Dark Souls players. A special jump button has been added, as well as a mount that allows players to travel much faster through the extensive Elden Ring map. The drop damage has also been significantly reduced compared to previous games.

Some special passing challenges have been added to Elden Ring to test the player’s platforming skills. However, despite the fact that the new jump controls in the game allow the player to move more freely, the control scheme of Elden Ring is still mainly built around the combat system, which means that some platformers of the game can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

One of the most challenging examples of the platforming challenge in Elden Ring is located next to the Small Erd Tree in Calida, and in it players cross a series of roots overhanging a rock to reach a small platform containing one of the Ashes of the Elden Ring War, along with a large enemy Golem. Many players have expressed their difficulties accessing this area, but a Reddit user named methiculousmitch has now shared a trick that makes it easy to get to this platform.

If you, like me, are too incompetent to get to the bottom of ErdTree in Caelid. Try this! from Eldenring

The trick is to use a Torrent, an incredibly useful means of transportation of the Elden Ring, as well as the nearest spiritual source, which is wind pillars that launch the Torrent high into the air and are usually designed to help reach high platforms. However, this particular spiritual source in Caelid is located close enough to the rock, so a timely double jump allows the player to fly over the edge of the rock without touching the ground. This is useful because jumping with a spiritual spring will negate all the damage from falling Torrent if the player lands on an accessible part of the game map.

Successfully performing a Reddit user’s trick will cause the player to land on the bottom of a cliff without having to perform any platforming. This trick is especially useful because the Golem that stands on the platform is a very difficult enemy, and every time a player dies from it, he would have to repeat the platform test to get to the platform again for another attempt to defeat him. .

The platform under Caelid Minor Erdtree is hard to reach, but even harder to spot. The only hint that the secret area exists is in the Red Mane puzzle in the Elden Ring, which players can solve by lining up with the Red Mane Castle in the distance.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.