The Elven Ring player’s attempt to kill several enemies at once turned out to be terribly unsuccessful


Elden Ring is the most popular and best—selling game of 2022 at the moment, and months after its release, it continues to top the sales charts. As a result of its success, Elden Ring surpassed the sales of Call of Duty: Vanguard in the US and is likely to become the best-selling game of the year.

It features a huge open world with an incredible variety of enemies. Some types of enemies have alternative versions that differ significantly from each other, which further encourages players to try out new strategies. In addition, users often encounter multiple enemies at any given moment, and Elden Ring rewards patient and calculating gamers. On the other hand, it can severely punish players who try to take the easy way out, and a recently published video illustrates this belief.

A Reddit user named TundraCrisp shared a clip in which they try to fight several enemies in one of the underground regions of the Elden Ring. This clash takes place in Nokron, an additional area that players unlock after defeating Radan in Kalida. TundraCrisp sees several Silver Tears on the stairs and uses the unique Starcaller Cry skill to defeat them. However, these enemies turn out to be Electric Silver Tears that explode after death, rather than the usual option.

From “I’m a man” to “Oh, no, no”, as in “Eldenring”.

The Starcaller Cry ability draws all enemies closer before dealing massive damage to the area. As a result, TundraCrisp defeats all the Electric Silver Tears, but finds himself trapped between them before they all explode with an electric discharge. The player unsuccessfully tries to make a panic throw, and because of the explosion, he is thrown to the screen. Later in the comments, TundraCrisp mentions that they did not overreact and did not receive additional damage from the explosion.

The Cry of the Calling Star is a unique ability of the Great Sword of the Star Fel, and players can get this weapon by exchanging Radan’s Memories in the Fortress of the Round Table. Otherwise, fans can choose a Large Lion Bow or duplicate a Memory in a Walking Mausoleum to get them both. Of course, consuming it to obtain a significant amount of runes is also an option.

Many in the comments praise the perfect montage at the end, and one compares it to Christmas blockbusters. One user claims that TundraCrisp has become a victim of its own success, while another mentions that this is a classic FromSoftware strategy aimed at creating a player’s ego only to destroy it in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this memorable encounter, TundraKrisp will probably never forget that some Silver Tears explode after death as they explore the deep underground regions of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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