The Elven Ring player told strange details about the collapsing Forum of Azul


The crumbling Farum Azula is one of the last major legacy dungeons that Elden Ring players will encounter after certain plot elements transport them to this place. It is believed that the Crumbling Farum Azula exists beyond time, and most players believe that it used to be the capital of the dragons when they ruled the Intermediate Lands.

This is confirmed by the fact that the dragon lord Placidax is awaiting the return of his god, and that this relationship is similar to the Elder Lord and the Great Will. This is also confirmed, albeit a bit confusing, by the fact that killing Malekith here does not kill Gurranc, since not only is there time to think, but also Malekith’s role as a shadow in the Elden Ring.

A place that exists outside of time is not so strange, but when looking at Farum Azul, it raises big questions. Redditor Weebmaster09 started a conversation about Faruma Azula, emphasizing that it is always sunny / daytime in Farum Azula. This is probably due to a time paradox, but others quickly intervened and asked other important questions, such as why players can see the burning Erdtri tree from Farum Azul and why Farum Azul can be seen from the isolated Michella Tower.

It is always sunny in Faram Azul. from Eldenring

It would seem a strange omission if Farum Azula exists outside of time. Seeing it from the Michella Tower, even if there is no physical access to it, does not make much sense, and changes in the Lands Between, such as the burning of the Erd Tree, make even less sense. However, there may be an important difference here that helps explain some things.

Many entries in the lore, such as “Talisman of the Old Lord” and “Memories of the Dragon Lord” refer to the time and “Crashing Farum Azul”, but Michella’s Needle may be the key to these events: “however, the needle is not finished yet, and it can only be used in the heart of the storm. They say that out of time it can be found on Farum Azul. This apparently means that Farum Azula is a real place in this time, but what is inside it is frozen in time because of the storm.

Farum Azula does not exist out of time from Eldenring.

This is a small difference, but it explains some of the oddities mentioned here, and also explains the role of the dragon lord Placidusax in this area, why time in this area does not change, why deaths do not change much and why things outside of it seem to still happen. Time is more or less frozen in the “Crashing Farum of Azul” — perhaps this is a more accurate description than existing outside of time in some plan or in the past. No matter how you interpret the knowledge about the place, the possibilities speak to the subtle style of creating FromSoftware stories in Elden Ring.

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