The Elven Ring player discovered an interesting detail about Malenia’s boots


Elden Ring players often encounter strange events in the game, for example, with a player who found a tiny detail in Malenia’s shoes. The FromSoftware role-playing game is full of dangerous bosses, and Malenia, Mikella’s Blade, may be the leader of the pack. Malenia has a diverse set of ranged, melee and special attack techniques that make her one of the most difficult bosses in the Elden Ring. As a result, thousands of players spend countless hours trying to defeat her.

Meanwhile, other legendary Elden Ring players, such as Let Me Solo Her, have defeated Malenia more than 2,000 times. This shows a large disparity in the skill level of Elden Ring players. Despite this, despite the fact that Malenia is one of the most difficult opponents, he remains one of the most famous bosses of the Elden Ring. Millions of her fans regularly come up with amazing works of art to appreciate her, while some people are looking for the smallest subtleties in her character and biography. Reddit user -MAC_ is one of those gamers who discovered something unusual when he looked closely at Malenia.

-MAC_ uploaded an image to social networks that looks like a close-up of armor for Malenia’s legs. This item is part of the Malenia set and is called the Malenia Greaves. Greaves are an important component of the armor protecting the lower part of the fighter’s body, especially the lower legs. However, the Malenia protective gear has an unusual feature, as it has sections for each toe. The image clearly shows these sections of the toes, which are not present in many other famous sets of Elden Ring armor.

I just noticed that Malenia’s boots have fingers from Eldenring

Most people were surprised to see this anomaly in Malenia’s Greaves, judging by their intriguing comments. Some users joked about the unusual length of toes in shoes and compared Malenia’s toes with fingers. Meanwhile, others were discussing the different characteristics of the shoe and comparing it to other protective shoes in the Elden Ring. One knowledgeable user pointed out that these boots should not be called “greaves”, since the original greaves used in the ancient world covered only the shins, not the feet. The same user indicated that the legs were protected by another piece of equipment called sabatons.

Malenia’s boots seem to be a unique combination of medieval greaves and sabathons, providing the advantages of both by being a single object. Players can purchase Malenia’s greaves and other Malenia armor from Enya in the lobby of the Round Table. However, gamers must defeat Malenia to get her armor.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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