The Elven Ring clip shows how a build with high Intelligence can make a fight with Captain Niall Boss super easy


Elden Ring is a challenging game with a vast open world full of intimidating bosses. Players face many enemies, such as Malenia, Mog, Margit, Rennala and many others. However, the more time a person spends in the Lands Between, the more skilled he becomes in winning battles with the bosses of the Elden Ring.

Gamers have discovered that each boss has certain strengths and weaknesses, and they act differently against each build. For example, some enemies may be more susceptible to melee damage, while others are more prone to magic and sorcery. Players now regularly come with various methods of cheating, well aware of the critical weaknesses of the Elden Ring bosses.

Reddit user Khomuna is one such Elden Ring player who used a simple method to defeat one of the most demanding bosses in the game, Commander Niall. A user shared a short video showing their confrontation with the difficult boss Elden Ring and how they used high intelligence to defeat him. The video begins with the user going through the fog, which is a common ritual before every fight with the boss of the Elden Ring, and imposes a Terra Magica buff.

After hundreds of hours, I decided to try the simple mode, also known as Int build. from Eldenring

Then Homuna doesn’t waste much time and starts bombarding Commander Niall with another magical attack, the Azur Comet. Commander Niall is completely stunned by this sorcery, as he cannot strike a single blow and falls in just a few seconds. Unsurprisingly, the Reddit community welcomed the presence of mind and knowledge of the various spells of the original poster to provide a summation effect. The post received more than 3,000 votes and hundreds of inspiring comments. Some users have also noted that the static nature of Commander Niall is partly responsible for his fall with this technique.

Comet Azur and Terra Magica are two of the most popular spells in the Elden Ring, as they complement each other brilliantly. Terra Magica creates a magic sphere around the player and increases magic damage by 35%, and Comet Azur creates a giant comet that can be used as a highly effective ranged weapon. The initial Terra Magica buff significantly increased the intensity of Comet Azur’s sorcery, which facilitated Commander Niall’s demise.

This is not the first time that Elden Ring players have found a way to make fun of Commander Niall. Not so long ago, another Reddit user found a way to defeat Commander Niall from a distance by repeatedly shooting accurate arrows into a tiny hole in the castle of Sol.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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