The Elder Scrolls VI will have procedural elements


Worlds will not be generated in real time this way, as the team will hand-tinker the scenery. Of The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield hardly any details are known.

Both were announced at E3 2018 through two teasers that featured the logo and little else, but Todd Howard, one of Bethesda’s top managers, has offered the odd news at a recent online event. During the Develop: Brighton Digital 2020, the creative has confirmed that Starfield will be a game completely focused on the single player mode, so it will not add any type of multiplayer. On the other hand, it has also revealed that both games will incorporate procedural technology.

According to Howard, the development team is building the world in this way, but has pointed out that the scenarios will not be procedurally generated in real time, since the studio will touch up everything that does not work by hand. At Bethesda they want to promote this technology in their next projects, as they have also introduced changes in their graphics engine, the Creation Engine. In the interview, she explains that rendering, animations, artificial intelligence and other aspects have been significantly improved.

No release date

There has been talk of how, but not when. Everything seems to indicate that the development of these titles will be delayed for a while. The same will happen with the announcement of news, as Howard has stated that we will still have to wait. Rather than focus its efforts on offering materials, demos and trailers for the duration of development, Bethesda prefers to follow the same strategy as with Fallout 4, that is, to release it shortly after its official presentation.

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It's hard to imagine The Elder Scrolls VI console exclusive

Bethesda starts a new path with Microsoft, which will complete the purchase of ZeniMax Media – owner of Bethesda and all its studios – in 2021. Therefore, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI will be released on Xbox Game Pass from the same day of its launch. It is not yet clear what will happen to PlayStation 5. Phil Spencer said they would analyze each game one by one to make a decision.


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