The Elder Scrolls: ready to adapt the fantasy license?


Netflix would be ready to adapt in series another fantasy license: The Elder Scrolls! We give you more details. The Elder Scrolls soon to be adapted as a series on Netflix?

According to some rumors on the subject, the streaming giant would like to adapt another very successful fantasy license. It is indeed The Elder Scrolls.

After The Witcher, Netflix would therefore be well motivated to repeat the experience with another fantasy license. In any case, Daniel Richtman reported last November.

Recall that last summer, Bethesda officially announced the preparation of a Fallout series. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy would therefore be at the head of the project.

And this one should be available on the Prime Video streaming platform. But it is out of the question for Netflix to leave the monopoly on fantasy licenses to its main competitor.


The plan to make The Elder Scrolls go into series remains only a rumor for now. This information should therefore be taken with enormous tweaks.

But according to insider Daniel Richtman, Netflix is ​​very keen to adapt the serial video game to its platform. In fact, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls VI saga is still in development.

So it shouldn’t come out right away. Just like this serial project elsewhere. But if that were to happen, the series has a wide choice of stories to adapt. Indeed, the first game of this famous RPG license dates from 1994. Yes!

Netflix is ​​not its first attempt at fantasy-oriented video games, by the way. Indeed it already offers its subscribers to discover the series The Witcher. It is also a great success!

Internet users, for their part, do not all seem very excited about this idea. Some seem delighted with the result of The Witcher and would therefore like to discover The Elder Scrolls in series. Others remain very skeptical. Stay tuned, up close.


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