The Elder Scrolls Online announced Blackwood episode


Bethesda today announced its future content plans for the hit MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. Get ready for a whole year of adventures in Gates of Oblivion with the new chapter Blackwood, which arrives on June 1, 2021 on PC and Stadia, and on June 8 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

At the invitation of the producer, we were able to chat directly with Rich Lambert, the creative director of ESO, who kindly told us first hand what to expect from all the news, in addition to sharing some more details about the unpublished content. Check out all the information and the best moments of this chat below!

A new year full of adventures

Throughout the Gates of Oblivion journey, you’ll be able to explore an unprecedented story that will span all the content released for ESO in 2021, such as the upcoming DLC ​​The Elder Scrolls Online: Flames of Ambition and Blackwood. The idea is to discover Prince Daédrico Mehrunes Dagon’s plans and plans some 800 years before the events seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

“Dagon is one of my favorite characters, I think he’s really cool,” celebrated Rich. “We hadn’t given him much spotlight yet in our lore, he wasn’t that well known. But we’re in the Second Age, so it gives us a lot of opportunities to explore other stories and spend our own reading of this world, which is very exciting it’s fun!”

The release schedule for Gates of Oblivion is as follows: Flames of Ambition arrives on March 8 for PC and Stadia and March 16 for Xbox One and PS4, followed by Blackwood, which comes out on June 1 for PC and Stadia and 8 June for Xbox One and PS4. After that we will still have a DLC with a dungeon pack in the third quarter, and a DLC with a history zone in the last quarter of 2021.

In Blackwood players will have more than 30 hours of new story content, exploring a colorful new part of Tamriel where the culture of the Argonians clashes with the Imperials’ ambitions.

“One of the most magical things about ESO is that you don’t have to level up or go through the last seven years of content if you don’t want to,” explained Rich. “You can create a new character and go straight to the new content! We have a new tutorial, and from there you can choose which story you want to go to. It’s up to you to choose the order and what you want to try or not.”


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