The Elden Ring player, who has played the game more than 15 times, has compiled an exhaustive list of boss levels


Elden Ring is a large—scale open-world game that features a variety of brutal bosses, both simple and complex, who constantly challenge players throughout the long game. One seasoned fan went through the game 16 times and did his best by compiling an extensive list of Elden Ring boss levels based on how enjoyable each boss is.

Approximately 150 boss battles are scattered across the Lands Between, and despite their routine punitive nature, fans have come to love the process of fighting the Elden Ring boss. Some fan-favorite brawls include a fight with the formidable Stellar Bad Radan, the intimidating Wedge of Malenia from Mikella and the unassuming Sailor Tibia. When Elden Ring was launched in February of this year, both critics and fans applauded the abundance of bosses in the game, and it was only a matter of time before fans started ranking these bosses differently. After all, the Souls community is no stranger to creating lists of boss levels, ranging from broad categories such as difficulty to a sense of style.

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One of the most popular level lists comes from Reddit user Prsy0220, who ranks every major boss in the game solely based on the fun after passing Elden Ring 16 times. The Prsy0220 list is organized starting from level S, which contains the most pleasant bosses, to level F for the least pleasant bosses. Each Elden Ring boss is also ordered from left to right in the order of the user’s favorite boss at each level. This list contains almost 90 bosses, so it’s not too far from the estimated 150 bosses included in the game, and should include all the bosses that fans are familiar with and are likely to see throughout the passage.

After completing the game to NG+16 and one run of rune level 1, this is my list of boss levels based solely on pleasure (also bosses are ranked from left to right, so left is my favorite) from Eldenring

Starting from the very top, Prsy0220 rates Maliket, Godfrey, Mog, Dragon Lord Placidusax and Star Foulness Radan as the most enjoyable bosses in the Elden Ring. At the lowest level are the Kindred of Rot, Rotten Wood Spirit, Runic Bear, Royal Ghost and Crystallians. Notably, Prsy0220 also includes a separate “Unrankable” level for Soldier Godric and Sailor Tibia, because both bosses “go beyond the concept of simple level lists.” It seems that the highest ranks have more mechanically rigorous bosses, while the lower ranks have bosses like the Crystallians, which are simple and often trick-based fights.

Naturally, some dissenting opinions about these ratings will arise due to the subjective nature of pleasure. Many fans of Elden Ring may find that some of the most formidable bosses, such as Malenia, were lower in the list due to the very difficult nature of the battle with this boss. However, many fans seem to agree with Prsy0220 and their list of boss levels, only asking for more respect for Tibia Mariner and their silly boat punches.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.