The Elden Ring player defeated Malenia in the “New Game+7” at level 1 in just over a minute


Like almost all major FromSoftware games released after Demon’s Souls, Elden Ring has a surprisingly high level of difficulty. Although Elden Ring is considered much more accessible compared to previous FromSoftware games, it still has a lot of intense gaming moments that challenge even the most experienced players. Although, as expected, many players have since risen to the occasion and performed incredible feats in the game, despite the high complexity of the Elden Ring.

A common trend, often observed among many FromSoftware fans, is the desire to make the game more complex than it is. For example, one player managed to defeat the Elden Ring using a piano as a controller. However, in this last example, the user managed to accomplish the almost impossible with a significant disadvantage in the game.

On Reddit, a user named Still-Stay8668 somehow managed to defeat Malenia, Mikella’s Blade, which many consider one of the most difficult boss battles in the Elden Ring, in the seventh iteration of New Game Plus at level 1. It is likely that the user died several times before finally defeating Malenia, not Not to mention the number of obstacles the player had to overcome at level 1 in the New +7 game to get to Malenia.

Malenia NG+7 at level 1 in 69 seconds from Eldenring

Players must get two Haligtri medallions to even get to Malenia, one of which is in a place that can only be accessed after defeating a number of mandatory bosses. This means that this user managed to go through several difficult parts of the Elden Ring in the New +7 game at level 1 before finally defeating Malenia, which is an extremely impressive achievement.

In fairness, it should be noted that the user was able to keep all the equipment and abilities that he acquired in his previous Elden Ring walkthroughs, which probably made the process a little easier. However, every enemy and boss in New Game Plus in Elden Ring has increased health and damage to take into account the player’s skills, so it’s quite a challenge anyway.

In any case, it’s amazing to see how players have struggled to make the FromSoftware game even more challenging. For example, one of the streamers managed to defeat Dark Souls 3 when 90% of the screen was covered with random images. Given the continued popularity of Elden Ring, it is likely that the gaming community will continue to witness such incredible feats.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.