The Elden Ring DLC should show a side of Godfrey’s story


Spoilers AHEAD!

Before entering Erdtree and claiming the title of Elden Lord, Elden Ring players come face to face with one of the most prestigious names in the history of the game: Godfrey/Hoara Lux. Godfrey was the first Lord of the Elden, the father of the Golden Line, who destroyed the fire Giants, and was otherwise a battle-hardened legend. Meeting Godfrey is the last test before the player completes what Marika started: killing the Great Will in her form of the Oldest Beast.

The fact is that the story of Elden Ring is ultimately one-sided. How it ends and how the player decides the fate of The Lands Between depends on him, but every event, every demigod and every possible storyline in Elden Ring can be traced back to Marika’s plot to take revenge on the Great. Will be. Indeed, it can be argued that she is the main antagonistic force in the game, and not the Great Will. After all, it was she who created the guidance by grace, and not the Supreme Will.

Keen-eyed fans have noticed how Godfrey’s “Tarnished” Grace guide leads him to a player, not an Old Beast. Some believe that this means that the Tarnished One had to do all the dirty work for Godfrey, whom Marika planned to kill the Oldest Beast. However, another correct interpretation is that Godfrey and Tarnished were set against each other beyond their control, as Tarnished was never intended to be an Elden Lord. It was a test, with no answers to all the questions, because so much is unknown about Godfrey.

Elden Ring: Godfrey’s praises are sung, but his story is almost not told

His knowledge is deep, his prowess is great, Godfrey is doing a great penultimate boss battle. However, apart from his myths and legends, stories gathered from his adopted daughter Nefeli Lux, Godfrey’s role in the Split is vague at best. Elden Ring’s cut-out content about Godfrey, for example, suggests that the Tarnished player was one of the first to join him in his exile, and it is implied that Godfrey knew about the impending Split, despite the fact that he was in exile, and this has not yet happened. The night this happens, Godwin the Golden (Marika and Godfrey’s son) dies, and although Marika’s cruelty makes it seem like she can accept it, it’s hard to imagine that Godfrey was able to do it.

Not to mention that his dialogue implies that Godfrey is returning to reclaim the title of Elder, father of the Golden Family and servant of the Supreme Will. This would mean that in exile he knew about Marika’s plans and opposed them, but his battle with the Tarnished Ones could also mean otherwise. It’s pretty simple, though without an answer: the myth of Godfrey is known, the man is not so much.

The Elden Ring DLC should tell Godfrey’s Story

Godfrey’s exile was only part of his story, but it also reflects his divorce from Marika. There are two sides to every story, especially when it comes to relationships, and Godfrey’s side has not been fully revealed. The Elden Ring DLC, whenever it is released, should fix this. Perhaps it could be a DLC set in the past, where players are outside The Lands Between, and joining Godfrey is his exile. Thanks to this, fans could directly find out what exactly happened.

However, the most likely approach would be a DLC that takes players beyond The Lands Between, to the clans controlled by Godfrey, where those he influenced could give players answers to these questions. This may be similar to the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne — just as it explores the relationship between Herman, the Doll and Lady Maria (as the latter is trapped in the Hunter’s Nightmare), another DLC may explore the relationship of Marika, Godfrey and the Great Will, establishing a connection between the three and showing the final fate.

Indeed, it should be noted that as part of the recent ransomware attack on Bandai Namco, one source allegedly reported that FromSoftware is working on an Elden Ring add-on called Barbarians of the Badlands. It sounds perfect to do just that. Now many in the community agree that this is a fake and may well be one, but this does not mean that the idea it embodies is not worth investigating.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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