The Easy Life at Abbey Road Studios for DHL FAST-TRACK Was a Colorful Night Filled With Love


In partnership with DHL

The guys from Leicester did it again. Earlier this month (October 7), easy life celebrated the release of their second album “MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…” and their participation in the DHL FAST-TRACK program by equipping Abbey Road Two studio for a bright, noisy release party. and close to the fans: they just make it so, um, easy.

It was for DHL FAST-TRACK, a new music program that brings rising music superstars closer to their fans around the world, that they staged an intimate performance and put the Dream House model on the cover of their album — a detailed, one—of-a-kind mansion with miniature guitars, furniture and chandeliers – into life.

In a conversation with NME before their performance, Murray Matravers, the frontman of the band with a silky voice, was delighted with this prospect: “When DHL first approached us, one of the things they said was, ‘We’ll ship your dollhouse somewhere around the world.’ And we’re like, “OK, boom! It’s included! If you do it, I’m all for it.”

Cooperation with the desire to try to “reach people they didn’t know before” turned out to be intriguing for them. The production itself was the idea of the band and their creative director Charlie Drinkwater a few months before the performance. “It was a lot of fun,” says Matravers. “Since DHL is such a large company, they were able to help us do something sick. So we were able to build a Dream House and turn it into a neon art installation, inside which we play.”

The space in which light projections are used, creating the feeling of the band’s living room, is as cozy and fascinating as their new album: an aquarium with goldfish without goldfish, stacked speakers and framed photos of Easter eggs with album covers. But as the stunning photos below show, it wasn’t even the craziest part of the whole night.

The story is done

Looking dapper, as always, in his uniform of shirts, ties and leather jackets with embroidery, easy life is ready.

All aboard the Easy life express!

“Did you see the van?” Murray blurted out as we sat down to talk. They didn’t know that DHL would cover the van with their faces and that it would come out so great! “They put our faces in a DHL van. I mean, what more can you ask for?”, — continues Murray. “It’s probably one of the strangest things we’ve ever done. And we’ve done a lot of strange things because that’s the nature of the beast.”

Fans roll in

Excited winners of the DHL FAST-TRACK competition crowd into legendary studios to see their favorite band. The first thing that catches your eye is the glowing structure of the house with an art installation and the model of the Dream House, which is just waiting to be played by enthusiastic fans. Speaking about his fans, Murray said: “It’s really nice because we’ve done it (intimate gigs) quite a lot and because of that it basically means I almost know everyone in the audience anyway. It’s so nice to see so many familiar faces in the crowd.”

Ensuring Greatness

Before the performance, many fans took pictures on the DHL FAST-TRACK photophone, where the team placed yellow boxes for DHL parcels and hung the Hollywood album title “MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…” in front of them so that they could have fun. photos of a great night.

Performing in their dream house

The band plays a medley of their star tracks, including their hit “Nightmares”, “OTT” and “BEESWAX”, in their lighted house. They also perform a new song from “MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…” called “Memory Loss” because “it’s pretty cold… and one of our favorites as a band.

Thanks to DHL and UMG, the acquisition of Abbey Roads Studios was a joyous event for their staunch fans. If you like the cooperation of easy life with DHL FAST-TRACK, take part in the new easy life X DHL FAST-TRACK competition with the help of the recently launched mini-game here.


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