The easiest to find passwords of 2020!


The vast majority of people have more than one account and should prefer passwords with low availability. As such, people may prefer short and easy passwords to write the password more easily. At this point, they become the target of hackers. At this point, the easiest to find passwords for 2020 were announced. If you are using one of these passwords, we recommend that you choose your password in a way that is more secure and difficult to find.

The easiest to find passwords of 2020 have been announced

The world’s 200 most common passwords published by NordPass really amaze. Most of the passwords on this list were also included in the 2019 list. The first password on the list is of course not surprising: 123456. Although it has been said that it has not been used for years, it is among the most used passwords.

The vast majority of these can be cracked by a hacker within seconds. If you use any of these passwords, change them immediately and create a secure password that cannot be easily cracked; Choose passwords such as uppercase letters, symbols, unordered and meaningless numbers.

2020 yılının en kolay bulunabilir şifreleri

NordPass shared a list of the 200 most common passwords of 2020, revealing that people still use simple passwords. You can visit NordPass’s website to see the entire password list. Here are the top 25 easy passwords:

-you huh
-I love you


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