The dumbest Iron Man armor to destroy the war machine


Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #22 from Marvel Comics

The warrior puts on one of Iron Man’s worst armor to try to prevent the Ten Rings from falling into the wrong hands, and wearing it can lead to his death. In Marvel Comics’ Iron Man #22, Tony Stark is seriously injured, which is why Roadie puts on his stealth armor instead. However, if the suit doesn’t get major improvements, it may not be as useful as he might think.

The Ten Rings have returned to the pages of Marvel Comics, as Iron Man and War Machine recently learned that Source Control, a black market arms dealer, had somehow put mystical artifacts up for sale to the highest bidder. However, after Tony Stark was wounded in battle, having received more information about Source Control and powerful ancient rings, Roadie is forced to take his place. However, his choice of armor when trying to infiltrate the organization does not bode well, given his history and level of strength with Iron Man earlier.

In Iron Man #22 by Christopher Cantwell, Angel Unzueta, Frank D’Armata, and Marvel Comics venture capitalist Joe Caramagna, Tony Stark is hospitalized after being exposed to a deadly compound in his War Machine fight against Titan Man. While the hero is in a coma, Roadie decides to go undercover and learn more about Source Control, which forces him to borrow Iron Man’s stealth armor when he heads to Macau. However, given the previous use and usefulness of the suit, the hero may be set up to be killed in search of the Ten Rings.

Iron Man’s stealth armor is infamous for being one of his weakest suits, as Tony Stark’s Model 7 armor doesn’t do anything special other than hide whoever is wearing it. Despite the fact that he looks sleek, with a lack of weapons, strength and protection, stealth armor was as much a hindrance to Iron Man as it helped. Yes, it hides its owner thanks to its masking abilities, but the lack of functions puts Iron Man in direct danger. However, the stealth armor of War Machine may be an improved version of the previous suit. But if it is not, he is preparing to be killed.

The return of Stealth Armor came as a surprise, as Iron Man has many other suits that are much better options for War Machine when he tries to infiltrate Source Control. However, needing something to hide him, the Warrior decided to don one of the least powerful Iron Man suits, which makes him very vulnerable to a group of arms dealers. Time will tell if this decision will cost Roadie his life.


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