The dress Jungkook and BTS fan wishes to have


A very special piece of clothing has taken on a high value for ARMY due to the bond it shares with Jungkook.

When a member of BTS uses an item, the fans of the group quickly identify the model and the store in which it can be bought, for that reason, the clothes that idols wear tend to sell out due to the interest of ARMY, but there. a set of clothes that despite never having been worn by Jungkook has caught the attention of all his fans.

ARMY has repeatedly expressed how amazing it would be to have it, but apparently it is a one-of-a-kind garment, we tell you who owns this item and why it is so special.


When the I-LAND show was coming to an end, the BTS guys flocked to the house where the contestants were living. At that time they could not meet, but the idols left some objects and messages as gifts and motivation.

Each participant took a random gift to later discover what item it was about and the message from BTS it included. In the case of Niki, who is now part of ENHYPEN, she received a modern stylish hanbook as a gift from Jungkook.

Receiving a gift from this singer should be something very special, but the details of the garment add value to this item. The magicians of this outfit have an embroidery in purple with Jungkook’s signature and the initials BTS JK.

Niki has shown how much she appreciates this garment by wearing it repeatedly, but BTS fans can’t resist wanting the same item.

We recently also told you about ENHYPEN is preparing for its official debut in the K-Pop industry, we told you the details of its first musical release.

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