The Draugr battle in Skyrim ended with a backflip over the throne


Despite the fact that Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released almost a decade ago, it remains one of the best-selling games because of its loyal fan base. The game has enjoyed critical and commercial success, as evidenced by its entry into the top 20 games for May, according to data published by the NPD group.

Bethesda has gained universal recognition thanks to the vast open world of Skyrim, the plot and dialogues, as well as numerous enemies in the game. Gamers can meet and fight several creatures such as dragons, ghosts, undead warriors, vampires and dragon priests, among many others. Often these encounters don’t go as planned when the player or enemy suffers misfortunes, sometimes hilarious. One example shows how a giant and a dragon fight each other in Skyrim after the player has lured them.

Speaking of strange happenings, another Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player saw their boss battle end in a rather unusual way. Reddit user Acrobatic_Age_6833 uploaded a video in which he shared his throw-in with Draugr, which they eventually won, but rather strangely. The video is in first-person mode and shows how the player defeats the Death Lord of the Draugr, who does something unusual. After the last blow, Draugr performs a stunning somersault over his throne and falls on his stomach. The Reddit community reacted positively to the post, as more than 96% voted for it and there were several comments.

The death Lord of the Draugrov did a somersault over his throne from Skyrim

For those who don’t know, Draugr is one of the most difficult enemies in Skyrim with a rich backstory. Draugra play a key role in the history of Skyrim, because they have an exciting story. These are Scandinavian undead warriors who supposedly served dragon priests in the ancient past, and it is believed that many Draugr know the Words of Power. Players can meet them in crypts and dungeons, armed with swords, axes and bows. The Acrobatic_Age_6833 battle took place against the Death Lord of the Draugr, who is perhaps the most powerful of them and is generally the final boss of the dungeon of the Draugr inhabitants. This particular Draugr variant is armed with ebony or honed ancient Nordic weapons, which are often enchanted, making it more formidable.

Since Draugr are the most common enemies in Skyrim, eventually encountering them turns out to be unusual, as mentioned above. The Internet is full of these viral videos where Draugr or other non-player characters of Skyrim perform unusual actions. One clip shows a flying draugr after a perfect crossbow shot in Skyrim, and another shows a pacifist giant who refuses to attack a Dragonborn.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.