The dramatic breakup of Kristin Brown and Cody Brown marked the beginning of the 17th season of the TV series “Sister Wives”, while the rest of the wives quarrel


Drama is brewing! Kristin Brown and Cody Brown’s split still haunts their family when the Sister Wives return in season 17.

The ups and downs of sister wives Kristin Brown and Cody Brown over the years

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“It seems to me that Robin [Brown] is more important to Cody,” admits 50—year-old Kristin in an explosive first look at the upcoming season, which was released on Monday, August 8. — I decided to leave. I’m going to leave Cody.”

The Utah native, who announced in November 2021 that she and 53-year-old Cody had broken up, adds: “I agreed to be a sister-wife, but I agreed to be an equal wife.”

Kristin Brown and Cody Brown. Discovery Inc.

Emotional divorce will be at the heart of the new season, according to a teasing video, and not everyone will like it.

“My heart is broken,” the patriarch admits, talking to all his wives. Cody later untangles and yells at Kristin. “Just a knife in the kidneys after all these years,” he says, as if accusing her of some kind of betrayal. “The sacrifices I made to love you.”

Mary Brown, for her part, is also concerned about Kristin’s decision to leave a polygamous family. “I felt that Christina was more than a sister-wife,” explains the 51—year-old reality star, holding back tears. “I felt like she had been a friend for many years.”

The Sisters-Wives Family Guide: Meet the spouses and children of Cody Brown

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However, Kristin and Cody’s relationship is not the only one that will be under threat this season. Janelle Brown seems to be at odds with her husband in the clip, admitting, “He’s not acting like my husband here anymore.”

Janelle, 53, later admits, “I don’t think we have a family anymore.”

Meanwhile, Mary seems to be falling apart due to all the changes in their family unit. In an unexpected turn of events, 43-year-old Robin tells Mary about the future of their group and asks her to stand with Cody against the background of their own struggle.

— Wait for me, okay? At one point Robin tells Mary, noting, “We need to rebuild.”

Everything we know about season 17 of the TV series “Sister Wives”

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Kristin and Cody were spiritually married for over 25 years before they separated in the fall of 2021. The duo has six children: Son Pedon, 23, and daughters Aspin, 27, Michelti, 26, Gwendlyn, 20, Isabel, 19, and Right, 12.

Cody officially married his first wife Mary in 1990. He entered into a spiritual union with Janelle in 1993, and a year later spiritually married Kristina. The Wyoming native shares daughter Mariah, 27, with Mary and six children— sons Logan, 28, Hunter, 25, Robert Harrison, 23, and Gabriel, 21, as well as daughters Maddie, 26, and Savannah, 17—with Janelle.

Robin became part of the family in 2010. Four years later, Cody divorced Mary to officially marry Robin and adopt her three children— 22-year-old David, 20-year—old Aurora and 17-year-old Brianna-from previous relationships. Later, the couple had two children of their own: Solomon, 10 years old, and Ariella, 6 years old.

The premiere of the 17th season of the series “Wives-Sisters” will take place on TLC on Sunday, September 11, at 22:00 Korean time. ET.


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