The dramas of forbidden loves with your past


We love romantic dramas, but these forbidden loves will hook you on every chapter. The world of dramas gives us a large number of stories that adapt to all tastes, although we all like to see the main characters finding a happy ending, the difficulties of a forbidden love can make everything more interesting.

Some K-Dramas couples do not have an easy path to happiness, beyond what happens with each of the characters, there may be external factors that make their love an almost impossible goal.

Perhaps they share a stormy past, a strange bond in which their parents are connected or simply because the person they like is already in a relationship, although it is not easy to overcome these difficulties, some drama characters are able to fight for their love.

Here we tell you about some romantic K-Dramas where love between some of the characters seemed forbidden.

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Eun Ji is a woman who is disappointed in her marriage, despite this she is a dedicated worker who shows all her qualities, her marriage will be put at risk once she meets Jae Hak, a successful CEO who believed she had a happy life until Eun Ji awakens new feelings in him. Will they give up their marriages to start a life together?


Shi Hyun is a rebellious boy and very skilled at conquest, that is why when a boy breaks the heart of his best friend, he decides to make the girl they think caused this break to suffer. However, once Shi Hyun meets Tae Hee he will discover that he likes her, although he is willing to fight for her love, he will discover that his parents’ past is a major obstacle to their relationship.


Doo Hyun Woo believes he has an ideal life and marriage, but his perspective changes when he discovers a suspicious message on his wife’s phone, it is then that he begins to notice more clues about the romance that could end their marriage and, although at the beginning She totally blames her partner, she will begin to wonder if he was a good husband to her.


Yi Soo is a teacher who has also been friends with Tae San for a long time, she is in love with him, but Tae San is willing to conquer Yi Soo’s friend and even wants to marry her. Yi Soo is now in an unrequited love that would also be forbidden, but everything will change when he meets Do Jin, a talented architect who is also friends with Tae San.


Mong Kang Tae and Go Moon Young have known each other since they were children, now that they are adults they meet again and discover the attraction that exists between them. However, Kang Tae’s brother suffered trauma during his childhood that has affected both of them throughout their lives, but the origin of this trauma may have been caused by someone close to Moon Young. Will they leave the past behind or will it be an obstacle to their relationship?


Woo Jin is a young theater writer who tries to direct productions during the Japanese occupation, it is then that he meets Sim Deok and they both fall deeply in love, she is a talented singer and the first soprano in Korea, but for them it is difficult to maintain their love and will be led to a tragic end due to their decision to stay together.


Hye Won is married to Hyung Joon, he is a teacher at a prestigious music school, and she runs an Arts foundation. Both are in search of a musical prodigy, but when they finally find him, Hye Won will discover in this boy a new romance that will make her doubt about her marriage.

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