The Dragon Pearl proves that Goten is the Complete Opposite of Goku


Every Dragon Ball fan knows that Goku is not the best father or husband, as he is much more interested in fighting than spending time with his family, which may explain the gap between him and his son Goten. One Dragon Ball storyline proves that Goten is the complete opposite of his father in the funniest way.

Goten is the youngest son of Goku and Chiā€”Chi, first appearing in chapter 424 of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Pearls. Throughout his time in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, Goten is portrayed as a small child who is the best friend of Vegeta and Bulma’s son, Trunk, and is not afraid to rush headlong into battle. One of the most ambitious battles Goten has ever found himself in is when he and Thranx merge to become Gotenx, who decides to fight the God of Destruction, Lord Berus, despite the fact that Berus is a literal god who is much more powerful than Goten. or Trunks could ever hope to be. While this example gives the impression that Goten and Goku actually have a lot in common in terms of jumping into battle regardless of their chances of winning, the adult version of Goten proves that he couldn’t be more different from his father.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! In Chapter 11 of Yoshitaki Nagayama, heroes from across the Dragon Ball multiverse are embroiled in a mystical war between the Time Patrol and the Dark Empire. One of the fighters who is drawn into this conflict by the leader of the Time Patrol, Chronoa, is an adult Goten, and while he was happy to join the battle, it’s fair to say that his head is not fully involved in the game. When Chronoa informs the rest of the team that Goten is joining them, she says he is “so flirtatious.”

The fact that Goten is thinking about flirting with a woman he just met when he is assigned to fight in an interdimensional war against literal demons proves that he is the complete opposite of Goku. Goku regularly ignores his wife just to train with Vegeta or Vis, so even when he is not called to action, the idea of intimacy with someone or even a slight inclination to physical attraction in any case usually comes to his mind last. .

Goku doesn’t even like it when people kiss, and he confessed to Vegeta that he has never kissed anyone because it is “too rude”, which completely confuses Vegeta, since Goku has a wife and two children. In general, Goku has shown absolutely no interest in anything related to sexual attraction, especially in the face of an epic battle, while Goten is flirting with someone he just met while being recruited to fight for the survival of the Dragon Ball multiverse, which proves that Goten is the complete opposite of Goku.