The Dragon Pearl confirms that a single fighter can destroy Broly

Recently, one of the most popular debates in Dragon Ball has been Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, against the Gray Jiren. Although Jizhen never fought the version of Broly from Dragon Ball Super, he definitely fought the version more similar to the Dragon Ball Z movies and showed why he would emerge victorious in this battle of titanic proportions.
In Chapter 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission, Broly finds Jiren and Yamcha wandering around the arena of a Super-Space-Time tournament. While Yamcha easily fights back, Jizhen poses a much greater threat to the sadistic Saiyang. Broly, as usual, announces his desire to find and kill Kakarot, also known as Goku. Due to the fact that he remembered Vegeta calling Goku Kakarot, Jiren refuses to let Broly move forward.
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The fight begins with Broly showing that he is clearly not a fool, despite Jiren’s huge reserves of strength. Jizhen even comments to himself that Broly is quite agile for a character of his size, suggesting that Saiyang is not held back by his muscle mass, as was the case with the Future Trunk when he fought with Sell. Broly even tries to do one of his most classic moves — hitting the opponent’s head against the wall with his bare hands— but Jizhen is completely unperturbed. At this moment, the killer from Universe 6, Hit, appears and offers to help Jiren kill Broly before he becomes a hindrance. In typical Jizhen fashion, he refuses and decides to fight Broly alone, ignoring Heath’s Time-Skip and knocking out the wild warrior with one punch.
The Broly vs Jiren match is controversial, mainly due to the fact that the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie happened after the Strength Tournament, and thus Goku and Vegeta should have been much stronger than they were before, but still couldn’t handle Broly. However, although it often needs to be repeated, Jizhen himself could not be defeated by any enemy alone in a Tournament of Strength. Besides, Broly had never fought Goku’s Ultra Instinct, which most likely could be even stronger than Blue Gogeta’s Super Saiyan. Jizhen’s battle against this alternate Broly demonstrates one of the key factors in deciding victory in favor of Jizhen — he doesn’t waste time killing Broly. One of the most characteristic features of Broly is his ability to constantly increase his strength as the battle drags on, bringing his strength to even more incredible heights within a few minutes. However, Jizhen seems more than willing to end the fight immediately, bypassing Broly’s main advantage.
Jizhen’s ability to put the Broly from the alternate timeline in the mud so quickly speaks volumes about how he will handle the battle with the Broly from Dragon Ball Super. If Goku or Vegeta had done their best from the start, Broly would have been easily killed, and he would never have had the opportunity to increase his strength so much. On the contrary, Jiren from Dragon Ball has everything he needs to disable the most powerful Broly asset in his arsenal before it can be used.