The doors to Yahoo Answers are closing


Yahoo Answers will close its doors as of May 4, 2021. The site, which has been online since 2005, is among the longest running question and answer platforms of the internet. The Frequently Asked Questions page created by The Verge site provides information on how the closing process will work.

The closing process of Yahoo Answers will begin on April 20th. As of this date, acceptance of new registrations will be suspended. After May 4th, users will be given a deadline until June 30 to download their content on the platform. After this date, users who visit Yahoo Answers will be directed to Yahoo’s homepage.

Yahoo made this decision, predictably, due to the decrease in the number of visitors and users of the site. The message sent by the company to the users regarding the issue is as follows: “Yahoo Answers was once an important part of Yahoo’s products and services. However, its popularity has declined over the years in line with changing user needs. That’s why we decided to direct our resources to other products and services. ”

The fact that Google has a question and answer platform is among the factors that make Yahoo Answers out of favor. Google answers many questions asked to the search engine on the panels on the result page without directing users to another website. The fact that trolls haunt the responses on Yahoo Answers is also among the factors that reduce the quality of the service.

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