The Dollar Is Running Out; Bitcoin, Gold, Silver make sense


The author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which has also entered the bestseller list in our country, announced that he sees Warren Buffett’s sale of his shares in banks as a signal for “the collapse of the banks”. Criticizing the intervention of the Fed and the US Treasury Department in the economy, which was declining with the coronavirus, Kiyosaki said that important investments are now assets such as gold, silver and Bitcoin.

The investment of Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, in Barrick Gold, a gold mining company by selling many of its shares in the banking sector, was an unexpected move for many, and the fact that this move came to the fore in the media last week has reinforced the rise of gold, which has become more valuable with the pandemic process. Buffett has been known for years of being distant to assets that lack active productivity, such as gold. Acting with Buffett’s approval, Berkshire Hathaway purchased $ 563.5 million worth of shares in Barrick Gold, one of the world’s largest gold companies. However, some experts said that this move did not contradict Buffett’s policies, and the company was investing in a business model again.

While Barrick Gold shares were on the agenda due to Buffett’s distant attitude towards gold, experts such as Şant Manukyan emphasized that the real point to look at was the legendary investor Buffett’s decision to exit the banks. The businessperson and writer Robert Kiyosaki, who joined them on this issue, shared on his Twitter account that the reason behind Buffett’s exit from the banks was the end of the banks.

“How much Gold, Silver, Bitcoin do you have?”

Kiyosaki, the founder of Rich Global LLC, which has approximately 1.4 million followers on Twitter, said that the United States economy has not improved at all and the Fed has fallen short on this issue. Expressing this again, Kiyosaki questioned the failed policies of the Fed and the Treasury Department and accused these institutions of unconsciously printing money to save the day. The American government and the Fed have implemented a series of support packages in order to relieve the people who are in trouble due to the coranavirus effect. While these packages saved the day as Kiyosaki stated in the eyes of the public, they resulted in further consolidating the depreciation of the dollar.

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Robert Kiyosaki argued that, considering both the collapse of the banks and the depreciation of the dollar, people should move away from these traditional investment approaches. He stressed that investors should look at how much precious metals or digital investments they have, rather than discussing the veracity – falsehood of the moves made by the Fed and the US government.

He thinks the bitcoin price will be $ 75,000

Bestselling investment book author and businessperson Robert Kiyosaki stated that he did not trust the economic future of the Fed and America and suggested that people would turn to investments such as gold and Bitcoin, which would increase prices. According to Kiyosaki, gold can go up to 3 thousand dollars on an ounce basis within 1 year, silver up to 40 dollars within 5 years, and Bitcoin up to 75 thousand dollars within 3 years.

Robert Kiyosaki is a long-standing supporter of state-independent assets such as gold, Bitcoin (BTC) and silver. Kiyosaki implies that the US dollar will eventually expire, so the most logical investment is BTC. The businessperson frequently states in the publications he attended and in the interviews he gave, that he also used Bitcoin and invested in BTC.


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