The Documentary “Harry and Meghan”, Which Has Gained More Than 1.7 Billion Views, Is Ahead of This Demographic Group of The United States.


Usually, when a new show or movie comes out, it finds a target audience. Sometimes it can be people living in a similar area or a similar age group. Similarly, the recent Netflix blockbuster “Harry and Meghan” also received a huge number of hours of viewing around the world.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, all members of the royal family, especially Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, made headlines. The royal couple has become a hot topic, and fans can’t seem to get enough of them. Meanwhile, thanks to Netflix documentaries based on their lives, their popularity has skyrocketed. Although the show is incredibly popular all over the world, it may surprise you that it was more popular among a certain demographic group in the USA.

Harry and Meghan are becoming a hit, especially among a certain audience in the US.

Shortly after the release of “Harry and Meghan” from Netflix instantly became a hit. The documentary series made a splash with the audience, as the show became incredibly popular all over the world. The series, based on the life of the royal couple, had a huge viewing time in the US — almost 1.7 billion minutes. And surprisingly, it happened within six days of the release of the second half of the show. What’s really interesting is that the audience of the show is mostly women over 50.

According to the latest Nielsen streaming charts, in the second week after the show’s release, the growth was almost 34%. And interestingly, half of the audience were women over 50 years old. In addition, almost 73% of the entire audience of the show were women. The statistics are shocking, because the royal couple is mostly popular with a younger audience. Oddly enough, their interview with Oprah Winfrey has gained more than 17 million views among viewers aged 18 to 49 years.

Currently, “Harry and Meghan” ranks second in the Nielsen streaming charts with almost 1,690 million minutes of viewing. Although the show is hugely popular, it has also been the subject of harsh criticism and negative reaction. Recently, even Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Catherine Ommanni joined the victory. On the other hand, Wednesday continues to be at the top of the charts.

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