The doctor accidentally punctured his lung


The Los Angeles Chargers starting quarterback suffered a poor injection to relieve pain and one of his lungs was punctured, causing shortness of breath and other complications.

According to sources revealed to ESPN, that would be the reason why the player was not present at the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The soccer player, who ended up with two fractured ribs in the previous week’s game, would have gone to the doctor before the kickoff in the commitment against the Chiefs to administer the drug, but the result was not as expected.

Although it is not an unusual injection, it is still risky to apply it because it is not known where the needle goes and in this case it ended up in the lung of the passer, who, beyond the injury, could see his participation truncated during This season, as his replacement rookie Justin Herbert did quite well and his income is something head coach Anthony Lynn could draw on, even though he declared that he will back Taylor: “If Tyrod is 100 percent, he’s our quarterback. ”

Tyrod is currently in no condition to play and it is unknown when he will return, as doctors advised him to stay off the pitch until further notice, in the meantime he will be monitored during his recovery.


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