The Division Heartland Survival Free Game Shows New Gameplay


As part of the Ubisoft Forward presentation on Saturday, Ubisoft shared new information about The Division Heartland free shooter being developed. It’s been a while since The Division Heartland was last shown due to some significant delays, and some wondered if Ubisoft had changed plans for The Division franchise in the future. It seems that The Division Heartland, developed by Red Storm Entertainment, continues to evolve and may appear earlier than expected.

The Division Heartland remains a spin-off of The Division’s core franchise. It is also still planned to be a free standalone game, separate but based on the same world around the same time period as the other The Division games. If the actions of The Division and The Division 2 take place in real large urban areas, then in The Division Heartland the action takes place in a fictional rural settlement. This setting will give The Division Heartland the opportunity to provide a unique multiplayer experience.

The new trailer for The Division Heartland, dubbed “Developer’s Introduction” to the game, shows a much deeper look at the game’s setting. It’s called Silver Creek and looks like any American city. There is a main street with coffee shops and small businesses, a central area with medium-sized offices, single-family apartment buildings and even something similar to the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant, which give The Division Heartland a little flavor. The Simpsons je ne sais quoi.

However, exactly what The Division Heartland gameplay will be remains a great mystery. Oddly enough, it is described as a survival game, but it clearly contains traditional combat scenarios for The Division co-op game, crafting, a base of operations and a familiar story structure of missions. It may well be exactly like The Division 2, only heavily monetized and built on real-time progression systems, given its free nature.

Why Ubisoft keeps the content of The Division Heartland so much is unclear. The release date is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2022, and it’s amazing how little the game has been shown. Perhaps this is a concern, especially considering that The Division Heartland is a free game. Some may worry that Ubisoft is hiding the monetization of the game to avoid criticism, although it is unclear if this is the case.

What The Division Heartland short trailer really shows is that if The Division players are looking for more content, the new game will provide it. The trailer offers a very familiar experience of The Division, based on the little that has been shown. That may change as more of The Division Heartland is shown, but for fans of the franchise, it’s a positive direction.

The Division Heartland will be released in 2022/2023 on PC and consoles.


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