The Division: Heartland Has Its Gameplay Leaked on The Internet


The Division: Heartland, The long-awaited Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland recently conducted a closed test in which a few players were able to experience its gameplay. Although the material is classified and remains embargoed, a leaker named SkyLeaks has already put the material on the air.

It is worth noting that Taylor Epperly, the lead designer of the game, explicitly asks players to respect the embargo and not spoil the surprise for others, so here’s our spoiler alert before clicking on the video. Check out:

Based on the material that was aired, you can already see that the mechanics are still very similar to what we saw in the previous games in the series, but this time with a greater focus on managing your survival resources.

The villains of the time are called Pilgrims (pilgrims), and there will be a central hub to make their purchases and interact with other players, since the title will support two main modes: PvEvP for up to 45 players (called Storm) and the Cooperative PvE ever (Expedition).

Developed by veteran Red Storm Studio, Heartland will be free to play and will arrive between 2021 and 2022 on the PC, in addition to the current PlayStation and Xbox consoles. What did you think of the game leaks? Are you excited about this project? Comment below!


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