The Division 2: Play Free for a Limited Time on PS4


In addition, Update 11 adds one of the new game modes, The Summit, which will be accompanied by other improvements.

The Division 2: Warlods of New York is celebrating as it welcomes Update 11, a new version that will add improvements and adjustments to the main game, but also the Summit game mode. Ubisoft has announced in a press release that players will have the opportunity to participate in a free weekend, so they can play for free for a limited period of time. In addition, a drops campaign will also be launched on Twitch and exclusive rewards will be given away on this platform with the Bounty Board.

From September 24 to 28, everyone who wants to try the game will be able to do so on all versions, that is, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia. As usual, progress is carried over to the end game for anyone who decides to purchase it afterwards.

With the premiere of La Cumbre, there are also drops on Twitch, which allow fans to receive rewards while watching The Division 2 live streams performed by different streamers. Available through October 6, they include three Legacy Boxes and the exclusive Milkshake trophy for your backpack.

The Bounty Board, not available in Spain

On the other hand, from September 24 to October 6, streamers from the United Kingdom, Germany and France will be able to participate in the first Bounty Board of The Division 2, so the Spanish are left out of a debut in which fans will be able to get prizes like the original game or the Warlords of New York expansion.

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The Division 2 Update 11 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. In addition to introducing changes to the base gameplay, enhancements are in the works including appearance mods, loot loot, and agnostic mod slots. All set for this sequel to continue to wage war in Tom Clancy’s online worlds.


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