The Division 2 launches a new PVE mode


The looter shooter from Massive Entertainment offers an action experience with final bosses in this mode. Get to the top, to the top of the tower, in this case a huge 100-story skyscraper.

That is the premise of the new PVE mode that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will add, a title that has failed to meet Ubisoft’s sales expectations, but which has not been relegated to oblivion. The French company continues to work on it to keep the product moving up the stairs, as players will when they face The Summit mode.

If it is already tiring to go up without an elevator, imagine that you have to face a whole series of enemies on the way. No, there is no peace in The Division 2, so you will have to fight against all kinds of enemies. Also, every 10 floors there will be a final boss waiting (with checkpoint when defeating it). As confirmed by Ubisoft, the building will change every time you visit it, either in a group or alone, although in this case the challenge will be much greater.


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