The distributing hat was supposed to completely solve the issue of the placement of the “Hogwarts Legacy”


As fans prepare for the Hogwarts Legacy in February, they will have to make a number of choices either at the beginning of the game or in anticipation of its release. One of the first decisions fans have to make is which Hogwarts faculty they will get into: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. However, since the players choose their own home, this is a simple expression that many Harry Potter fans may have already taken into account. Players can choose their home for various reasons, but ultimately that choice is up to them.

Since the Distributing Hat traditionally chooses houses for students, Hogwarts Legacy gives players an interesting choice of settings, allowing them to opt out of the recommended house for the hat. Obviously, this is an opportunity for players to personalize their experience the way they would like, and not leave it to chance — this is probably what fans want if they already have the desired home. However, the retribution of the Distributing Hat in the “Hogwarts Legacy” could have been much more intriguing and added more replayability if reasonable hats had completely chosen the player’s home for themselves.

The distributing hat from the “Hogwarts Legacy” could be a fun random number generator

The distributing hat from the “Hogwarts Legacy” technically places the player in his house at Hogwarts, but the player can choose the house himself. Thus, the decision is not up to the hat. Instead, if it were in the hat, the Hogwarts Legacy could introduce the RNG into its faculty selection in such a way as to fully immerse itself in the traditional Harry Potter experience. In this case, the Distributing Hat randomly selected one of the four faculties of Hogwarts for the players.

Then, just as Harry explicitly asks not to be in Slytherin, players can be given a retake, and the hat can randomly choose one of the other three faculties if the players don’t like his first recommendation. The only problem with this RNG system will be that players will be allocated the same house in multiple playthroughs, making it difficult to assign a house that players have not encountered, as it will be random.

To counter this, perhaps the “Hogwarts Legacy” could open up the possibility of a player choosing for a “New Game+” once they have already passed the game. However, choosing a Sorting Hat can help fans decide which house to stay in if they find it difficult to decide for themselves. This is a great replay opportunity where fans can enjoy four walkthroughs to relive their Hogwarts experience in different homes each time.

Choosing a Hogwarts Legacy Player is Still a Great Option

The RNG may be too questionable in its design for these reasons, and while it will still be interesting, there’s probably a reason why Hogwarts Legacy decided to just give this choice to the players. For example, players will be able to make their own experience with the full customization of the main character and the choice of the Hogwarts Legacy wand, and it makes sense to extend this choice of the player to Hogwarts houses as well.

The most important thing is that this choice is given to the players unconditionally. Having such a choice is a boon for purist fans who want a special experience with a house that they think either expresses themselves or allows them to play the role of someone else. Players can avoid certain houses based on critical stereotypes that have been assigned to them throughout the history of the Harry Potter franchise, for example, Slytherin, where fanatical and violent students live. Of course, the player’s choice of a house clearly does not indicate that he has these qualities, but it makes the player’s choice more interesting.

Players can choose Slytherin or any other faculty for any reason, regardless of whether it is based solely on its color scheme or if they prefer its unique Hogwarts Heritage dorm. Moreover, different houses can potentially lead to different endings, which will make the player’s choice even more unique and significant. However, it’s disappointing that the hat won’t have the autonomy to meaningfully choose a player’s home.

Hogwarts Legacy is released on February 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Switch version is also in development.


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