The Disney world has turned on the lights. Please oh and ah over your new Tron Coaster


Walt Disney World has just unveiled a high-end roller coaster based on a sci-fi facility, but there’s another one on the way, and while we’re nibbling a little to be able to ride it, right now we’re just looking in awe because Tron Lightcycle Run looks beautiful.

The Tron roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom has been under construction for many years, and although everything indicates that there is less than a year left before its opening, there have been no official statements. The good news is that until we learn how to ride it, we can still look at it. Theme park reporter Scott Gustin recently shared a short video on Twitter showing the attraction fully lit and running, and it looks just incredible. Check it out.

Lights. Canopy. AcTRON.

At least the new Tron roller coaster will add something very beautiful to the night sky while guests wander through the Magical Kingdom. Basically we knew what these roller coasters would look like, they already exist at Shanghai Disneyland in China, but seeing them lit up at night in Walt Disney World, everything seems more real.

Watching the vehicles move around the track also makes the roller coaster real, as does the fact that many of these vehicles now include real people. Tron Lightcycle Run recently moved to the next stage of ride testing, which involved real people, and not just using dummies. Although this is certainly not the last stage of testing before the ride is ready, it is an important step in this direction.

At this point, fans are starting to wonder if we’re going to see a Tron roller coaster this year. From a marketing perspective, this seems unlikely, since Walt Disney World is still promoting the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster at Epcot, which opened just a couple of months ago. The discovery of another coaster so soon seems unlikely.

At the same time, if the attraction is ready for the public before next summer, it is quite possible that the resort will be able to open it. A brand new attraction with electronic tickets will attract guests, and it is assumed that the guests who come will spend money on access to Lightning Lane, so the attraction will bring money when it opens, and until that time it will only cost money.

Tron has been under construction since 2018, and it seems to have suffered more significant delays due to the closure of the pandemic than other Disney World projects that were underway when everything was closed. We never knew when it was originally supposed to open, and neither the date nor even the estimate was ever publicly announced by Disney. But everything is clearly close, which means that when the D23 Expo arrives next weekend, we will probably get some kind of official announcement, at least telling us in what season and year this attraction will open.


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