The Disney world has just made another change that has caused nostalgia among some fans and anger among others


Disney parks are designed to evoke nostalgia. Walt Disney considered himself a conductor of that pleasant nostalgia in which we all like to get lost from time to time. However, Disney parks are also places that are constantly changing, updating, adding new things and often removing old things to make room for them. This has led to regular clashes among fans as people become emotionally attached to all aspects of the resorts, including, in the most recent case, a sign advertising the trip.

When the Twilight Zone Horror Tower was first built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a large sign advertising this fact was installed on one of the roads leading to the resort. It was a bit more than a regular billboard, as it had moving parts showing one of the vehicles rising and falling. The sign has been there for decades and that’s why people have been waiting for it and finding solace after seeing it, but yesterday Disney World pulled the sign out of the ground and that’s why people on Twitter are mourning its loss.

On the one hand, it may seem silly that people care about the signboard. At the same time, it has existed for a very long time, and for many it is the same iconic moment of “you have arrived at Disney World” as the passage under the very sign of Walt Disney. The fact that the sign has been broken for many years and therefore the moving parts were no longer moving is irrelevant.

It is reported that the sign will be replaced with simple landscaping, so it is almost not worth wasting time removing it. If it were replaced with another sign advertising some other element of the resort, that would be one thing, but it’s not. Given that “Toy Story” and “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” have been added to Hollywood Studios in recent years, it’s hard to argue that it’s the Tower of Terror that attracts most people to this park. Even if “Tower of Terror” is on the screen adaptation agenda.

Fans who love the sign didn’t even have time to prepare for his inevitable death. Only on Wednesday it was announced that the sign would come out, and at night it was removed, so yesterday morning the guests who came to Walt Disney World saw only a hole in the place where it once stood.

While most people struggle with their nostalgia, there are some who seem rightly outraged that the Tower of Terror sign is no more. Disney has been the target of a lot of frustration from fans under Bob Chapek, who has been targeted from all sides in recent months following political battles between Disney and the state of Florida, and Disney’s CEO is now receiving criticism for being removed. also a sign.

The Disney world destroying the classic “Tower of Terror” sign outside Hollywood studios is indeed a sign of the state of the parks under the management of Bob Peychek. July 14, 2022

All things in the Walt Disney World change over time, even the signage. While it’s not on par with the loss of “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” or even the end of “The Great Movie Trip,” it shows how even simple things can make a big difference to people.