The Disney+ series “Treasure of the Nation” is related to movies, but what’s the matter with Nick Cage?


The Disney+ streaming service has allowed several classic series to find a new life, sometimes due to the return of the stars of the original franchise (for example, when Emilio Estevez returned to the Mighty Ducks … temporarily), and sometimes completely start over with new faces. Watch the 2021 TV series “Turner and Hooch” if you want to see what this movie could look like without Tom Hanks. Another classic franchise will be revived when “Treasure of the Nation: Edge of History” appears on the streaming service, but what role, if any, will the star of the series Nicolas Cage get?

The cast and creative team of the upcoming film “Treasure Nation: Edge of History” performed at Comic-Con in San Diego in July, teasing those adventurous journeys that fans of treasure-hunting storylines can expect. A lot of details were shown in this clip, but it was executive producer Marianne Vibberly who connected the dots between the two Nicolas Cage films and this new series, telling CinemaBlend:

This is an extension. This is the expansion of the universe, which takes place 17 years later. Peter Saduski (Harvey Keitel) is 17 years older. Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) has published two more books and (and) hosts a podcast. Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) is a big rock star in this world. He’s a rock star treasure hunter. He’s not in the series. Apologize. We’re still trying to lure him out on (something). But, you know, it’s all the same. It’s just a younger cast, and we have cameo characters in the movies, but a young cast with female stories.

In a way, it makes sense that Nicolas Cage won’t be participating in the first season of Treasures of the Nation: Edge of History, so the new show can create its own cast and gain support from a historical perspective. The Disney+ show is not without star power. In addition to the aforementioned Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays an important role in the new series, and we expect that she will greatly complicate the lives of our next generation of treasure hunters.

But how exciting would it be if future seasons of Disney+ “Treasures of the Nation: Edge of History” eventually featured a storyline in which a new cast of treasure seekers had to cross paths with “rock star” Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) to complete a mission. what catapults them all over the world? Rumors about the planned “Treasure of the Nation 3” have been going around for years, and Cage spoke frankly about the reasons why this has not happened yet. However, connecting Cage to an existing streaming series is an easier way for fans to get another blast of Cage in this classic role without burdening themselves with a full—fledged theatrical experience.

We know that the series will be. And if the third movie finally comes out, it could give Nicolas Cage the opportunity to buy the cave he’s aiming for. Who knows with Cage? We’ll delve into Edge of History when it comes out on Disney+ at some point in 2023.


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