The Disney Joke In The Solar Opposites Halloween Special That Required An Hourlong Argument With The Studio’s Lawyers


It was worth it.

In the animated series “Solar Opposites”, there is often a joke that the alien family found in the center of the show does not understand anything about our culture … and this concerns the holidays. Creators Justin Royland (Rick and Morty) and Mike McMahan bring their unique sense of humor to “Sunny Opposites” for regular episodes and pull out the big guns for two (so far) holiday-themed specials… the last one is dedicated to Halloween. Corvo (voiced by Royland) is still afraid of Halloween, and his reaction to the horrors of Halloween is extremely extreme. But they’re not as witty as a hilarious joke aimed squarely at Disney, the parent company of Hulu, where “Sunny Opposites” airs.

The main part of A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special alternates between content for viewers who adore the creepy season and those who consider it a terrible waste of time. (You know, something like our real fight between the horror connoisseurs who come out every October to watch the best horror movies ever made, and the rest of us who don’t care.) But as Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Jesse (Mary Mac) and Yumulak (Sean Giambrone) try to make their house as scary as possible this season, they open the coffin, prompting Jesse to watch:

Wow, it smells like 101 Dalmatians shat in here!

Immediately after this joke, she gets a call on her mobile phone from Disney Standards and Practices about the joke, but she sends them directly to voicemail.

Answer: “Absolutely, 100% yes.” And this joke wasn’t just a pure joke. This joke was a 45-hour conversation between Mike (McMahan), me and the lawyers. And I think we needed to clarify what the joke was before Disney standards and practices.

To which co – author Mike McMahan explained:

No, they didn’t clean it, and then we had to change (it)… We had to change the joke and send some jokes. They chose their favorite from the least favorite, and then we used it. …I think they get the “Solar Opposites” part and say: “Why? Why did they do it?’

Because it makes people laugh, that’s why! Halloween doesn’t always have to be something scary. It can be funny. That’s why in “Sunny Opposites” there are often unexpected references to Seinfeld or Mickey Mouse. They make the audience guess and laugh. This team seems ready to keep pushing the boundaries in terms of what they find fun (although a crossover with Rick and Morty doesn’t seem to be planned). The Halloween special is streaming on Hulu(opens in new tab) right now if you want to spice up your evening with something fun.


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