The Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Will Fix Some of the Game’s Biggest Issues


Gameloft recently released Disney Dreamlight Valley, and like many other recent games, it has quite a few problems that are being solved in the pending update. Between crashes, bugs, and bugs, Disney Dreamlight Valley players explore a world full of popular characters and can complete quests with them to earn cosmetic rewards and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players shared their favorite moments of the game when they met important characters from the Disney franchises, but some noticed inconsistencies in the gameplay. While Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can earn cosmetic items based on Disney characters in the game, one of the key issues is that they can’t effectively customize their avatar. Since these players have reported their problems to Gameloft, the game developers are already working on solving each problem, so the next update will include a number of solutions.

The announced update for Disney Dreamlight Valley includes fixes for disguise and bug 7, as well as improvements to the frequency of dream shards and the requirements of the founder’s package. The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley also noted several improvements in completing quests related to inaccessible, missing and unrecognized items, which can often prevent players from moving on to the next stage of their adventure. Although Gameloft has not confirmed the official release date for this patch, the developers have stated that the date will be set around next week.

The Nintendo Switch port of Disney Dreamlight Valley will face far fewer crashes with the next client update, which could lead to even more downloads on the hybrid console. For all the fans who haven’t seen any mention of their problem, apart from the aforementioned fixes that will appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft has confirmed that the team has noticed other things that need to be improved in the next patch. While Disney Dreamlight Valley fans expect smoother gameplay in the future, those who have encountered Bug 7 can find a temporary solution by changing the time zone on their computers.

Although Gameloft has stated that numerous quest improvements will be made soon, some Disney Dreamlight Valley players have expressed disappointment with challenges such as “With Great Power,” “A House Fit for a Duck,” and Merlin’s storyline. Several players have also taken advantage of the developer update to express their enthusiasm for the new game, including some fans who complain about various aspects of their experience, such as Disney’s Dreamlight Valley cloud saves.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available in Early Access for Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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