The Disney Dreamlight Valley plot is Good for fans of the company’s Villains


While Disney’s line-up of heroic princes and princesses certainly has its fans, villains such as Ursula the Sea Witch, Scar from The Lion King and Belle Gaston’s future fiance have plenty of fans, including among fans of the recently released Disney Dreamlight. Valley. The game does not neglect these bad guys. Fans of Disney villains will be thrilled to see that their favorite antagonists can move to the valley and become their friends, and not just become plot elements of the comprehensive story of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Combining elements of previous life, farming and craft simulation games such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, Disney Dreamlight Valley sees the player responsible for finding the missing residents of the titular valley and restoring their homes after being destroyed by a mysterious force called The Forgetting. At the time of launch, there were only a few Disney and Pixar characters in the game who could move to the Valley, but developer Gameloft promised that more would be added with regular updates. Although some fans feared that the original cast would include only the most current and popular Disney heroines, such as Elsa and Moana, they were pleasantly surprised to see several villains available from the very beginning.

A brand new villain is behind everything

Previous games featuring Disney characters, such as the Kingdom Hearts series, tended to assign villains a secondary and strictly antagonistic role. For example, the first Kingdom Hearts game featured an alliance of iconic Disney villains, including Maleficent, Captain Hook and Jafar, responsible for corrupting the protagonist’s best friend Sora Riku. However, in future games, the role of Disney villains gradually decreased in favor of new original antagonists. In Kingdom Hearts 3, recently added villains such as Prince Hans from Frozen or numerous antagonists from Monsters Inc were almost absent. Many fans were worried that Dreamlight Valley would follow the same path, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is assumed that Oblivion is caused by a being known as the Dark Entity or the Forgotten One. Although their full nature has not yet been revealed, it seems likely that the Forgotten One is an original character and not an existing villain. Because they are so mysterious, and much of the game’s plot instead focuses on healing the effects of their power, such as removing night spikes and clearing night shards, rather than directly confronting them, they don’t overshadow the existing Disney villains at all.

Villains are welcome in Dreamlight Valley

Two characters that players can meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley are villains from the respective films: the Sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Mother Gothel from Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. Both characters are treated the same as their heroic counterparts — the player can invite them to live in the Valley of Dreams, build a house for them and strengthen friendship by giving them gifts or spending time with them as a Companion in the Valley of Dreams. The inclusion of Mother Gothel is especially surprising since she appears in front of the movie’s characters Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder — in fact, she is currently the only representative of the game.

Some characters ask whether Disney villains should be allowed to live in harmony with the characters, especially with the wizard Merlin, who warns the player about the character of Ursula and Mother Gothel before any of them are recruited. However, the dialogue options allow the player to stand up for the villains, indicating that not all of them are bad. In particular, the player can repeatedly remind Merlin of Ursula’s name when he insists on calling her simply “sea witch”. Ursula is even shown as an ally of the Valley, helping to find the missing Sphere of Power in Dazzle Beach. It’s a surprisingly subtle take on Disney villains that Dreamlight Valley fans may not have expected.

There will be more villains in the future

While Ursula and Mother Gothel are the only villains in the game so far, more villains will definitely be added to the game in the near future. In particular, the Scar from the Lion King appears prominently on the game’s loading screen and in trailers, and an area similar to an Elephant Cemetery appears in the biome of the Valley’s Sunny Plateau. Hans is also a likely addition, as his three colleagues from the film “Cold Heart”, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff, are already in the game and live in Frosty Heights. The Forgotten Lands Biome, which has darker colors and a darker aesthetic than the rest of the Valley, could also be a good potential home for a few villains.

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update is likely to add characters from Pixar’s Toy Story cartoon, according to an announcement made during a demonstration of Disney and Marvel games.


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