The Disney actress tore off the ring and tore off the offer. Now the guy who tried to get engaged is telling the truth


Last week, it became big news when a video showed a Disney Parks employee snatching a ring during a spoiled proposal. The incident took place at Disneyland Paris and became so viral that eventually the Mouse House issued a public apology. However, now the young man, who got down on one knee and claims to have received permission to propose in the area, has spoken about his feelings about the incident and what happened after Disney contacted.

There were quite a few viral moments at Disneyland Paris, but if you have yet to see what happened in this case and how it ended, you really need to watch the full frame below.

The young man was in the middle of a sentence when the Disney actor grabbed his ring and pushed him and his partner aside (while a large crowd was watching). After the incident, a 31-year-old German I.T. Employee, whose name is Ante, says his mind was “empty” when it happened. After that, his 26-year-old fiancee spent the rest of the day “very happy and sad at the same time.” He also noted:

Disneyland means dreams. Our moment was destroyed.

The two were big fans of Disneyland, and that’s why Ante wanted to propose to his partner while they were in the parks. The man, who spoke to the New York Times on condition of anonymity, said he bought his girlfriend a rose a la Beauty and the Beast in the Dome on an early date. They also have a habit of watching classic Disney movies together.

Note that Ante claimed that he asked for permission to climb onto the platform, which offered a magnificent view of the castle, before getting down on one knee. This part is not verified. But in the video, you can easily see that in front of a crowd of spectators, a young man was making an offer when another actor came up, grabbed the ring and then said that the offer would be better elsewhere.

This is not the first time a marriage proposal has been thwarted at a Disney theme park. As for Disneyland, I’m sure the company doesn’t want viral videos of couples proposing in restricted areas spreading around, and I’m sure training is being given to actors on how to handle such situations. Having said that, the optics of snatching a ring in the middle of a sentence to loud cheers from the crowd is probably not the kind that theme parks would hope for.

That’s probably why Disney apologized and offered the couple a free ride, which would be allowed to spend a free weekend at any of the parks around the world. But judging by the sounds of things, they don’t want that:

I don’t want to visit Disneyland anymore. They can’t give us back the moment, and that’s the only thing I want — to get a second chance.

Ante said that after that moment he wasn’t even sure if he got a “yes” as everything changed so quickly. After that, he sat on a bench with his partner, gave her a ring, and they watched a video of what happened when he handed his phone to a passerby to record a moment that will now live forever. The Internet. From the point of view of a former theme park guest, he simply does not have the opportunity to turn a message about an offer into a happy moment, even in a place where the magic becomes real.