The directors of “Everything everywhere and at once” and “Swiss Army Men” signed a multi-year contract with Universal


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creators of one of the best films of the year “Everything everywhere and at once” have signed an exclusive long-term contract with Universal. Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who together make up the film duo known as Daniels, and their longtime producer Jonathan Wong, have reportedly signed a five-year contract with the studio.

While Kwan and Scheinert are best known for their indie films, the duo began their careers by creating visually striking music videos, including the viral video for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What”. Their feature-length debut took place in 2016 in the absurdist black comedy “Swiss Amy Man,” in which actor Paul Dano plays a man stranded on a desert island who befriends a corpse with flatulence, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

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Most recently, they shot the popular sci-fi thriller “Everything Everywhere and at Once” starring Michelle Yeo, which received universal recognition and has just passed the $100 million mark. Both films were released by the independent studio A24, while “Everything Everywhere and at Once” became the company’s highest-grossing film to date. In the future, the duo will direct and executive produce the half-hour comedy “Mason” starring comedian Nathan Min for A24 and Showtime.

“Daniels are creators who have developed their craft with a distinct vision and a unique voice that is unmistakably recognizable across the entire spectrum of content vying for viewers’ attention,” said Donna Langley, chairman of Universal Film Group. “Their films are surprisingly theatrical, and with only two original projects behind them, they only touched the surface of what they are capable of as directors. We are grateful that they decided to go on a trip with us.” In response to the news, Daniels said: “We are flattered, grateful and a little overwhelmed. Thanks to Donna, Jimmy, Peter, Michael and their entire Universal team for believing in us and our weird movies. Thank you to all the fans for making our career possible, we will try not to let you down.”

Universal previously signed director Jordan Peele to a five-year exclusive contract in 2019 after he partnered with the director on his Oscar-winning feature-length debut film “Away” and his follow-up film “We.” Peel’s latest film, “No,” is the first film directed under this new deal, which has now grossed $80 million at the box office. Given how unique and ambitious Peel’s latest film is, Daniels should feel right at home producing films for Universal. Let’s hope that the duo will gain as much, if not more creative freedom as with A24.

“Everything Everywhere, Everything at Once” is currently available on digital streaming platforms, as well as on Blu-ray and DVD.


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