The Director of The Game The Last Of Us Says That The Disparaging Attitude to Television Is “an Argument in Favor of Unification”


The director of the game The Last Of Us, Bruce Straily, said that the absence of mentions in the HBO TV adaptation is “an argument in favor of unification” in the gaming industry.

Straily’s comments were made in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, which indicates that Straily is not mentioned in the HBO adaptation of The Last Of Us, despite being one of the lead creators of the source material.

Straily says that his lack of trust prompted him to think about the rights of workers in the industry, and that his dismissive attitude is “an argument in favor of unionization, which is not received by those who participated in the joint creation of this world and these characters.” credit or nickel for the work they put into it.”

“Maybe we need unions in the video game industry to be able to protect creators,” Straily added. Several unions have been formed in major studios over the past few years, including Warzone developer Raven Software, Blizzard Albany and Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax.

Last year, Straily announced the creation of his new studio called Wildflower Interactive; which, he said, “should be inclusive, fair and collaborative.”

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us debuted on Sunday (January 15). The premiere attracted 4.7 million viewers, making it the second-largest debut in HBO history, second only to the Game of Thrones spin-off “House of the Dragon.”

Although in our review we awarded the “apocalyptically good” show four stars out of five, viewers were warned about the scam targeting new fans of The Last Of Us. Under the guise of selling copies of the game, criminals are using the new wave of popularity of the series to steal bank details of potential buyers.

As for other gaming news, the CEO of Ubisoft has apologized for comments that the French trade union earlier this week called “disturbing.”


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