The Director of The Film “John Wick” Chad Stahelski Talks About The Future of “Highlander” With Henry Cavill, Why It Took So Long and About The Differences Between Him and The Keanu Reeves Franchise.


Chad Stahelski has created action like never before in the John Wick franchise. Moreover, the franchise breathed life into Keanu Reeves’ career and gave him a second chance. However, Stalhelski never left the franchise until he announced his other project, Highlander. If you were born in the 80s, you would remember that the franchise was as popular as Star Wars, but did not reinvent itself to remain popular. But now Stahelski hopes to try himself in the series with Henry Cavill at the head. In a recent interview, the director explained why the implementation of the project takes so much time.

Highlander is a popular franchise released in 1986 with Christopher Lambert in the title role. The original spawned seven seasons of TV programs and five films. It even inspired the creation of two spin-offs. And Stahelski feels the pressure associated with the series, which already has a history and a solid fan base. He wants to do everything absolutely right.

John Wick was not a franchise with countless offshoots and TV series. Stahelski had time to learn in the process and shape the franchise on his own. However, this does not apply to Highlander. “In the case of Wick, you didn’t shoot seven seasons on television, two spin-offs and five films,” Stahelski explained in a recent interview with Deadline.

There is a lot of mythology in the highlander’s narrative. Squeezing all the narrative and memories into a two—hour film is not an easy task. The television format would be more suitable for the franchise, since it could take time to create a plot during the seasons.

“It’s harder when you’re trying to do something with such a big mythology,” he added, but fortunately, in the person of Cavill, the director of “John Wick” has an actor of a high enough level to handle an extensive franchise.

Henry Cavill is the best choice for a Highlander

The British star is suitable for this role, given his physical form. In addition, the role involves a lot of action, and we have already seen that he is also capable of shooting complex combat scenes.

The plot involves the main character, who is immortal and has lived for 500 years. Henry Cavill is already dealing with immortality and mythology in Netflix’s The Witcher. And, like Stahelski, he is not averse to spending time developing the series, as he is a big fan of the original.

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