The Director of Terrifier 2 Responded to Stephen King’s Praise of the Bloody Horror Film


Few recently released or upcoming horror films have as much ink spilled to their name as “Terrifying 2” by Damien Leone, a special effects artist turned director. tension and the use of black humor. Presumably, the film is so intense that some fans in cinemas threw up. Whether this is true of slasher or clever marketing tactics on the part of the producers, one thing is for sure; people are paying attention to the brutal sequel. Even the master of horror, Stephen King, sang his praises, and Leone reacted to this reaction.

Earlier this month, the world-renowned horror writer took to social media to ask if anyone had seen “Terrifying” because, in his own words, “it looked pretty good.” Curiosity must have finally attracted Stephen King to his local movie theater, because a few days later, an additional tweet appeared in which King praised the film for the blood, and the director of “Terrifying 2” was more than willing to share this response. Damien Leone made it clear on Twitter that he is honored to receive approval from the King of All Creepy Things:


The legendary author is known to be a longtime moviegoer, and his films have been adapted (and there is a long list of Stephen King adaptations) as much as he has published books. Hence, this person has a pretty good idea of what makes a horror movie tick. This is a real compliment from the creator of scary clowns OG! And who can blame Leone for wanting to put such a seal of approval on the film’s poster?

Of course, given writer Carrie’s serious praise, some of you may now be even more interested in checking it out. Of course, there are a few things to consider before going to the theater.

What you need to know before watching Terrifier 2

Stephen King may like the old-school approach of “Terrifying 2” to thrills and murders, but the movie may not be for everyone. There are several things that distinguish it from its counterparts in the horror genre. Here’s what you might want to know first:

The film is a sequel to the 2016 “Terrifer”. The first movie is available on the Tubi streaming platform if you want to watch the series before watching the sequel.
The film starred actor David Howard Thornton as silent serial killer Art the Clown. You can skip this if you have coulrophobia (fear of clowns).
The original film was conceived by the film’s director, who started out as a visual effects makeup artist to showcase his talent for gore. If you don’t like blood and guts, then these horror movies are not for you.

The series belongs to the horror subgenre known as “splashes”, which means that they are light on the plot and abound in heartbreaking visuals. Don’t come to the movie looking for stories like A24 or something sublime. But if you’re just as oblivious to heightened horror as director John Carpenter, and are only looking for old-school fears, then maybe “Terrifying 2” will suit you. But remember, it’s all dirt, soot and entrails in the trenches of spray films.

Don’t wait for the best acting. Although Thornton has been much praised for his terrifying portal art, the visuals and makeup are real stars in the world of low—budget indie horror. You won’t find performances here on the level of Florence Pugh or Meryl Streep.
So overall, the movie should be a good time for those who don’t mind seeing their share of blood. The film received mostly positive reviews, but I honestly can’t think of a higher recommendation than the one given by the inimitable Stephen King.

If you think you’re brave enough to watch “Terrifying 2,” the film has just received an extended run in accordance with numerous requests, so there’s still time to watch it at a local cinema. And if you miss it in theaters, don’t worry, because it is expected to appear on the Screambox streaming platform after it completes its screening in theaters. To make plans for the coming months, check out the CinemaBlend movie release schedule for 2022.


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