The director of “Terminator: Dark Destinies” spoke frankly about the sequel


A few years after its failure, the director of Terminator: Dark Fates, Tim Miller, reveals his cruel and honest feelings about the sequel. The 2019 film served as the third attempt to revive the franchise after the film “Terminator: Salvation” and the time-traveling “Terminator: Genesis”, which received generally positive reviews from critics, but had modest box office success. “Terminator: Dark Fates” became a direct sequel to “Doomsday”, ignoring the events of other films, as a new artificial intelligence called Legion destroyed the future instead of Skynet and sent back an advanced Terminator to kill a young woman vital to life. the fate of the future.

Linda Hamilton returned to her franchise in Terminator: Dark Fates as Sarah Connor, haunted by the death of John Connor at the hands of the Terminator T-800, who spent 25 years killing various Terminators sent by Skynet before their demise, as well as Arnold. Schwarzenegger as the new T-800. The cast also includes Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta. Written by David Goyer, Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray based on the plot treatment of the first two, as well as the creator of the franchise James Cameron, Charles Egley and Josh Friedman, “Terminator: Dark Fates” debuted with generally positive reviews, but suffered a major box office failure. and now one of the creators of the sequel shares his thoughts on the reaction to the film.

Appearing on the Collider Directors panel at the Directing Hall H San Diego Comic-Con panel (via Deadline), Tim Miller shared his brutally honest feelings about Terminator: Dark Fate. The director explained that he approached the sequel as a fan of the franchise, and although he thought he was making a “good movie,” he was disappointed with the reaction to the film. See what Miller shared below:

“I entered with the firm conviction of a nerd that if I make a good movie that I want to watch, it will be successful. And I was wrong. It was one of those damn Eureka moments in a bad way, because the movie flopped.”

Despite the fact that the continuation of the franchise after “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” received the most reviews, and many critics consider it a return to form, “Terminator: Dark Fates” memorably failed at the box office, collecting only $ 261 million, and the studio’s losses amounted to $ 122.6 million. The sequel film was supposed to start a new trilogy, as Terminator: Genesis did, where James Cameron worked with the screenwriters to create stories for the last two parts. Despite the positive reception of the film, the box office of the film “Terminator: Dark Fates” led to Skydance canceling plans to release sequels.

The box office failure of Terminator: Dark Fates has been attributed to a variety of reasons, some of which included lukewarm criticism of the film, audience disinterest in the franchise’s new film, and its controversial beginning, in which John Connor was killed by a T-800. Despite the failure of the film, the future of the Terminator series does not seem completely closed: Netflix is developing an anime series based on Mattson Tomlin from Batman, and Miller himself believes that a new film can be made if it returns to a low-budget nature. from earlier films. While they are waiting for specific words about the future of the franchise, viewers can now return to “Terminator: Dark Fates” streaming on Paramount+.


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